Stoney House

Location: South Yardley, Birmingham

Stoney House is a large three-storey semi-detached house.  The top storey comprises of a large bedroom for one child and a small office.  The middle floor comprises of two bedrooms for the children, bathroom, separate WC for staff and visitors, small office, and two staff sleeping-in rooms.  The ground floor comprises of a large lounge, equipped with sofas, TV, and music facilities; a large kitchen; dining room; and shower room for staff.  There is a garden to the rear of the home.  The home has internet access and cable TV.  Some children have been allowed to keep pets at the home (e.g. guinea pigs, hamster, rabbits) depending on individual circumstances.  The house is nicely decorated and well-maintained.  All children have their own bedroom and can to personalise it to suit their needs, including taking an active role in choosing the décor and colour scheme.  Children’s meetings and reviews are usually held in the front lounge.                                        

Stoney House provides residential care to vulnerable children and young people with complex emotional, behavioural, developmental, and mental health difficulties.  The home can accommodate a maximum of three children and young people aged from 9 up to the age of 18 years, both male and female.  Young people can remain beyond the age of 18 years, but not beyond their 19th birthday, on the condition that there is a Pathway Plan detailing their transition which has been agreed with the relevant Local Authority and that the home complies with the ‘wholly or mainly’ guidelines issued by OFSTED . The low number of residents ensures that each child receives a high level of staff supervision and support to meet individual need. 

Management and Staffing

Registered Manager

Deputy Manager

The Registered Manager at Stoney House is Cheryl Morgan. Cheryl has been caring for vulnerable children and young people with complex needs since 2001. In May 2021 Cheryl moved from her role as Deputy Manager at another children’s home operated by Positive Pathways (Cecil House) to manage the Stoney House team and subsequently attained the role of Registered Manager in January 2022. During her career Cheryl has gained various relevant qualifications, including the Advanced level Apprenticeship in Adult Social Care; the Level 3 Diploma in Health & Social Care; the Diploma level 3 Children & Young People; and the Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership. Cheryl’s professional background has equipped her with a huge amount of experience as a hands-on social care practitioner and manager, distinguishing her as a manager with a compassionate understanding of the difficulties faced by children and young people living in children’s homes.